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Information Technology

With the
development of information technology, the implementation and the monitoring
& evaluation of project/programs will be better accomplished through a
computerization of service delivery. However, this computerization comes with
challenges, including technological risks.

In order to
mitigate these risks and to set up reliable and robust systems, DS Institute provides
advisory services adapted to each client by taking into consideration their

Thus, we offer
services in design and/or integration of data management systems (MDM, TDCI,
BI), technological risk management and information security solutions. Our
experts will assist you with identifying, controlling, limiting and monitoring
the current risks.

Our information
technology services and solutions focus on the following three areas:

technology risk management


design and integration

IT Risk Management

The use of information
technology improves the productivity of organizations but involves certain
risks, which are mainly related to the availability, confidentiality and
reliability of the information.

DS Institute provides
advisory services to better mitigate and manage computer and information security
risks. This support is done mainly by:

Implementation of risk
management mechanisms based on ISO27001 standards

Operationalization of risk
management mechanisms

Evaluation and proposition
of risk management solutions

·       Security audit and compliance

IT Security

The protection of information resources is essential to the good performance of organizations and the achievement of their objectives. In this context, DS Institute offers services and solutions to allow organizations to better protect their information resources.
DS Institute assists organizations in:
•    Designing, reviewing and implementing security standards and policies
•    Classifying information resources
•    Designing and implementing public IT security awareness campaigns

IT Design and Integration

The integration of various computing systems of an organization is instrumental for good performance and improvement of productivity, especially in the context of a market which is in continuous technological evolution.
DS Institute offers a complete service to assist in the design and the integration of a system, from the analytical phase to its implementation.