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Solutions Laboratory

DS Institute offers solutions to countries on issues related to sustainable
development and inclusive growth. These solutions are in the form of white
papers or training.


The Solutions Laboratory offers
training, tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.


Our goal is to support our
clients to address the challenges linked to the improvement of the welfare of
their populations and to help public administrations and the private sector to
strengthen their efficiency and effectiveness.


We are offering training
mainly in the following fields:

Management of development projects/programs

Managing for Development Results and theory of change

Information technologies

Organization of workshops: Our workshops are carried out via participatory and dynamic
discussions between participants. We believe that a dynamic and participatory
approach is the best way to enhance participation and learning. This approach mainly
includes: (i) extensive use of case studies to show how theory can be applied;
and (ii) group work to allow a deep exchange of knowledge and country
experience amongst participants.

Trainers: Our trainers are high calibre
international experts with extensive field experience in developing and
emerging countries.

Participants: Our training programs are
designed notably for senior executives, decision makers and project managers.

Time and place: The training/workshops normally last for
one (1) to three (3) weeks and take place in either in Canada or in the
participants’ country.

Project Management

DS Institute offers capacity building
training/workshops notably for executives and program managers of public
administrations in the field of public finance and project/program management
in the multiple areas

RBM and Theory of Change

The purpose of our theory of change workshops is to
familiarize participants with challenges related to change management and behaviour
change management, for sustainable development related to development
programs/projects. Our training topics are the following

IT and Security

training on new information technology (IT) aims to familiarize participants with
issues related to information security and governance of information technologies