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Welcome from the CEO

Since the end of World War II, economic development has been on the spotlight, first in Europe and now in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The development literature reaches the consensus that economic development should come WITHIN the countries. However, the main question is how to do it.

Development Solutions Institute (DSI) main objective is to assist the private and public sectors to find a way to improve the welfare of their beneficiaries. To support our clients, we provide 3 types of services
(i)Think tank;
(ii) Solutions Laboratory; and
(iii) Advisory services.
Our services are centered around the theory of change, information systems, strategic planning and project management.

For more than a decade, DSI is proud to help governments and businesses thrive. We, at DS Institute, believe in the power of self-development with a bit of external support if need be. We think that to improve the welfare of their beneficiaries, our clients need to think out of the box.

DSI has a multidisciplinary team that translates the research findings of its think-tank into operational solutions for its clients. We are producing unique tailor-made solutions to solve unique development problems of our clients. Using our solutions and advices, our clients are able to change the “business as usual” and achieve results.

Dr. Gaston GOHOU, PhD, ISE, ASMC