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RBM and Theory of change

The purpose of our theory of change workshops is to familiarize participants with challenges related to change management and behaviour change management, for sustainable development related to development programs/projects. Our training topics are the following:

  • Managing for Development Results (MfDR)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Results Measurement Frameworks
  • Business Change Management

MfDR and Theory of Change

Countries are increasingly requested by their development partners to show results achieved on the ground. The training on Managing for Development Results (MfDR) aims to familiarize participants with new techniques of MfDR in order to enable them to better focus on achieving results during the implementation of development programs. This new approach, based on results achieved, will allow countries to achieve their development objectives and improve their resource mobilization with external development partners.

Main topics:

  • Definition and recent developments
  • Basic Principles
  • Results-based program and project management
  • Results-based logical framework
  • Results-based monitoring & evaluation

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning will allow policymakers of a country to improve and guide their overall development objectives to better achieve the desired results. With efficient and effective planning, a policymaker can design a specific framework for developing, adapting and aligning a project/program with the development vision and goals of his/her country or organization. During this training, PARTICIPANTS will learn how to facilitate, formulate, execute and monitor strategic planning for any public or private administration.

Main Topics

  • The main components of strategic planning processes
  • The use of data and decision-making tools to support planning management
  • Enhancing communication and reaching consensus
  • Case studies

Result Measurement Framework (RMF)

It is important for any public administration which implements development projects and programs to design a Result Measurement Framework (RMF). Indeed, a country’s success in terms of development does not depend on either the amount of money spent nor on the number of projects and programs implemented, but only on results achieved on the ground in terms of sustained improvements in the welfare of populations. An RMF enables to show and monitor what a country achieved in terms of sustainable development for its populations.

  • Measures of development progress
  • Measures of contribution of development projects and programs toward country development objectives
  • Measures of efficiency and efficacy of projects and programs

Change Management

Change management aims to shift and transition an administration and staff to a new state from the current one. This is a process that empowers staff to accept changes to the usual way of doing business to improve performance and productivity. This training aims to familiarize participants with the benefits of change to improve performance.

Main Topics

  • Definition and framework
  • Benefits management and realization
  • Effective communications
  • Effective education, training and/or skills upgrading scheme