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Information Technology

Our MissionsSolutions Laboratory  / Information Technology

Our training on new information technology (IT) aims to familiarize participants with issues related to information security and governance of information technologies.

The training on IT will cover the following topics:

  • Information Technology: cybercrime and cyber protection
  • Design of security practices and strategies

Risks and Menaces

Assessment of risks and threats, identification of the vulnerabilities of the IT system and the recommendation of suitable strategies of risk management are essential daily tasks for organisations. This seminar covers Risks and Threats Analysis (RTA), based on ISO27001.

Information Technology Security

A sound security system reduces IT risks in an organisation. Hence, an adequate sensitization program and strong staff capacity building is necessary. This training on IT security issues aims to assist decision makers to reduce IT risks.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Information Technology
  • Legal requirements under local and international laws
  • Security policy requirements
  • Implementation of a complete IT security program
  • Cybercrime and cyber protection